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Breathe easier with our air duct service. We'll remove all major allergens and contaminants to help keep your household healthy. 

Air Duct

Cleaning Process

Central heating and air conditioning systems transfer air throughout your house via air ducts. When a build up of debris and dust occurs, it needs to be removed for the system to function properly and to reduce airborne allergens and irritants. 

To clean air ducts, we remove the vents and place a vacuum box around the air duct opening. A hose, which blows air at 120 psi in all directions, is safely snaked through the duct to loosen built up debris and dust. A second hose acts as a vacuum and removes all unwanted allergens and irritants.


To clean a return unit, we open the crate and remove the filter. We thoroughly vacuum all surfaces.  The technician goes inside the unit to reach every nook and cranny. Air guns and brushes are used for detailed work to ensure that embedded  dust and debris are removed. 

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