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Our signature 10-step process removes allergens and other contaminants from your carpet leaving it fluffy and fresh.

At this time, we are unable to service third floor apartments or condos without an elevator. We appreciate your understanding!

10-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Inspection: The carpet type, level of soiling, wear and traffic conditions, and other areas of concern are identified.

  2. Protection: Corner guards are put in place to protect furniture, walls, and baseboards.

  3. Vacuuming: A powerful vacuum collects loose and embedded debris.

  4. Spot Treatment: Handheld brushes and scrubbers are used in conjunction with spot removers to eliminate as much of the stain(s) as possible.

  5. Pre-treatment: A safe, non-toxic cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet to pull contaminants out. 

  6. Scrubbing: A groomer loosens the remaining debris and prepares crushed or matted fibers for deep cleaning.

  7. Extraction: A professional extraction system first shoots hot water between 400-600psi into the carpet and then uses high-power suction to immediately remove the water and soil.

  8. Conditioning: A conditioner is applied to neutralize the pre-treatment and leaves carpet feeling soft, fluffy, and free of residues.

  9. Grooming: The carpet is reset using a rake to help eliminate matting and facilitate the drying process.

  10. Drying: High-velocity down draft air movers pull dry air from above and direct it in a powerful 360 degree pattern to dry the carpet.

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