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Services Rendered.  Full Steam Ahead Carpet Care LLC has the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason. 

Payment for Services.  Customer agrees to pay FSA for the performance of services and all materials reasonably necessary to complete the scope of work (“Services” or “Work”).  Customer agrees to pay for all Work in accordance with the pricing set forth on the estimate provided to Customer or as otherwise agreed in writing. Customer must be present when Services are rendered if payment is to be made upon completion of Work. If paying ahead of Services being rendered, Customer may choose to leave the premises while the work is being completed. All Work being completed on vacant properties must be paid for before Work is started. 

Loss or Damage to Property on Premises; Security.  Customer acknowledges and agrees that FSA shall have no responsibility for damage to, or theft or loss of, any property during the performance of the Services or Work.  Customer acknowledges that existing property and structures may suffer damage while FSA performs Services.  Customer agrees that FSA shall not be responsible for any such damage.  Customer further understands that FSA does not assume or accept any responsibility for the security of the property or Customer’s premises during the performance of the Work or Services.  In this regard, Customer agrees to provide all security necessary to protect Customer’s property, the project premises, its contents, fixtures and structure from loss, damage, theft and vandalism. 

*Terms and conditions may vary and other terms and conditions may apply.

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