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Say good-bye to gritty floors and dirty grout with our tile & grout cleaning service.

Tile & Grout

Cleaning Process

First, your floor is examined for waxes and contaminants in addition to missing grout and damaged tiles to ensure it qualifies for deep cleaning. If necessary, we remove all loose debris and dust by vacuuming. Then, all tile & grout is lightly sprayed with our special tile & grout cleaning solution. We use a powerful electric brush with soft bristles to loosen dirt and scrub the floor. After everything is properly sprayed and scrubbed, we extract all remaining dirt and cleaning solution with a powerful rotary extraction tool that utilizes high water pressure and temperature. We finish the job by going over your floor with a microfiber mop to remove any remaining residue. 


We offer the option to add the following services:

- Clear Seal: We apply a clear coat that seals your porous grout to create a barrier against dirt and other contaminants.

- Color Seal: The best method to restore the color of your grout without having to replace it! You select a colored sealant of your liking which we then apply to your grout. Color seal protects and revitalizes your grout and will last for years, if given the proper maintenance and attention.

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