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Refresh, sanitize, and soften your favorite places to relax and socialize.


Cleaning Process

First, we identify the type of fabric to determine whether that piece of furniture warrants steam cleaning or dry cleaning. To remove dust and dirt from the fabric, we thoroughly vacuum all the nooks and crannies. Then, we spray the furniture with a special upholstery cleaning solution to release any trapped contaminants. The furniture is then agitated with a horsehair brush to loosen anything deeply embedded in the fabric. 

For furniture that warrants steam cleaning, we use between 200-300psi and 100°F water to extract contaminants through high pressure and heat.

For furniture that warrants dry cleaning, we use a dry cleaning solution to extract contaminants from delicate fabrics through a solvent-based compound and agitation. 

Afterwards, we brush the furniture to smooth out and soften the fabric.

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